Sunday, March 4, 2007

My eyes watch over you (Created by Tassajo S.)


Anonymous said...

I like the picutes that you have post...

Catmoves said...

Beautiful series. Thank you for the opporunity to view them.

Dr Zibbs said...

I am a winner as well. The club is exclusive and the picnic is in July.

lissa said...

Hi, Shades within you,

I'm not sure but is there more than one blogger/writer on your blog? For each post I would put a name at the bottom to indicate who wrote that post that day such as "posted by Mary".

It's not clear what the blog is about. Maybe an short explanation on the sidebar - I know you have one on the header but it's still not clear to me what it's it about. Maybe I'm too dumb?

Maybe a flower graphic or anything that represents your business to promote your business on the sidebar.

Maybe a blogroll instead of separating the links that you have. The "Welcome to Shades Within You" - maybe put it at the very top of the sidebar or on the head so then the subtext (Open Dialog...) can be on the sidebar? So then the header would be "Welcome to Shades Within You..Expressoins of Mind, Body, and Soul." I think that makes sense. Maybe some graphic that represent what "Shades within you" is about. Of cause, it's entirely up to you.

These are just my opinions, I hope you're not offended. Best of luck to your business and your blog.

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