Monday, March 5, 2007

LET THERE BE HOUSE (Posted By Gramchild1)

House music is a movement...

It's about feeling the beat and letting loose. Let us let loose a little.

First I'd like to go back, way back, back to places like the Buttermilk Bottom, the Infamous Paradise Garage, The Loft, The Calibraun, and a host of ventues where hardcore underground househeads united to dance. For those who frequented these establishments here's to you. I believe you would concur, partying was living and we lived to party.

We flowed to "cuts" yeah I said "cuts" not "tracks", 12" vinyl like Geraldine Hunt's "Can't Fake the Feelin' " No, we didn't fake it we felt it. Dexter Wansel"s "Disco Lights" were shining thru the night. The music, the lights, long nights, and the unmentionables (hint, hint) were all part of it. Armed in paratrooper pants, double length studded belts, and baby powder sprinkled on the dancefloor the heads rocked well into night and the middle of the next day. We lived for the weekend.

ouse elates and liberates.

House is not hard to understand nor is it ever confusing.

Not aggressive nor meek. Can you feel the beat?

House music is a movement. Where were you moved?

Posted by "Gramchild1"


Anonymous said...

Do you remember 8 tracks and 78. I think I remember a club called the World and a song called nights over Egypt. Ha now you know how old I am.

Anonymous said...

Those was the day when House was House not this new Tech stuff. I remeber. The music was your life and life was the music. These young people just don't understand what House was all about.

Anonymous said...

I forget to say one thing keep House alive... Gramchild1. I will keep coming back.

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