Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This is for anyone hosting a party. Five Steps for Hosting a Dinner Party--- Have FUN, EAT, DRINK, AND PARTY

Creation that I made after much planning for a party of 100

Have you every been to a bad dinner party  ...  believe me I have no names to follow.  So I put together a list that will help anyone host a great dinner party.  The most important thing is to organize, brainstorm, and plan by doing this you will be able to enjoy your guest(s).  Please do me a favor if you can't cook hire someone.  Eat, Party, Dance, and Drink......Enjoy from Tassajo

1)  Organize - decide where you will keep your notes, ideas, and lists so that they're all in one place and you can find them quickly. You can use paper (dedicate a section in a notebook) or, if you are more technically inclined, create a virtual notebook for your party using your smartphone or computer.

2)  Brainstorm - start with 3 lists: guests, menu, and "things I might need" (for things that you're bound to forget until the last minute). Go through each list one at a time, and quickly brainstorm any thoughts or ideas that come to mind. Then go back to each list and make any decisions you can, starting with the most basic like the date, time, and number of guests.  You really don't want to know what my list look like. I have pictures, color themes, note pads... I'm a planner and planning is what I do.   That why me and my sisters started a  party planning business each of us brought something to the table.

3)  Do a reality check - delete, diminish or delegate as much as you need to. Delete anything that is going to put undue pressure on you (like making a new or complicated dish), simplify where you can (like with dishes you can prepare in advance, or picking up dessert instead of making it yourself) and make note of any tasks you might be able to delegate (like grocery shopping or cleaning the house).  This is very important for new party planners PLEASE DO A REALITY CHECK

Our Table Setting

4)  Plan - with your calendar or planner open, work backwards from the date you picked for the party, go through your lists, and figure out the things you'll need to do, and by when, and put them into your calendar or to-do list. And remember that some things always take longer than expected, like shopping for something special to wear - so give yourself enough "cushion" time whenever possible.

If you have already decided on the menu, use this time to figure out any ingredients you'll need, set up a manicure appointment or other beauty treatments you might want to get, and go through your "Things I might need" list again to double check that you're all set (think through any extra seating, tables, or serving dishes you might need, anything special you might need to do with your pets, etc.).

One of the Table setting we created
5)  Keep it together - be realistic with how much you'll be able to do the day of. Whenever possible, set the table the night before, try on what you're going to wear, and do a last-minute check through the house for anything you might have overlooked. On the day of, work backwards from the time you're expecting your guests to arrive and give yourself enough time to get ready, set out the appetizers, put on the music, and open up a bottle of wine to let it breathe

Our drink that night was a Caribbean Cosmopolitan
 After a few of these your party will be the talk of the town.....Good luck and happy party planning


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Some very good advice here. Being really realistic is so important to remember.

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