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Tips for a Bridal Shower or Bachelorette Party (Cupcakes and cocktails) Enjoy let Shades Within You LLC design your next event

Table Setting for your event

A bridal shower or bachelorette party gives the bride-to-be a much-needed break from the stress of planning a wedding. Bridal showers can be a surprise for the bride (and even the groom!) or a planned party, a formal brunch or a casual party.

How about have a cupcakes and cocktails party for your next event here are a few idea.  It does not require over the top decoration, but choosing a color scheme you can stick to will help everything look stylish and cohesive without being 'themey.' Here are some fun decorating ideas that will help pull the look of your cupcakes and cocktails party together:   If you need help let Shade Within You. LLC help with your party needs.  We design your table setting, party favor, and work with you to ensure your event is one of a kind. 

1. Use similar trays, platters and cake stands for all food and beverages. Even if the items are different, a similar finish (silver, for example, or all glass) helps create a cohesive style.

2. Purchase a budget-friendly roll of patterned wrapping paper or scrapbook paper from a place like Paper Source, and cut it into shapes that will line the bottom of each tray and platter. If you feel comfortable with your inner designer, choose two to three different papers that have a unifying element (color, pattern, shape) to mix and match as the tray liners. This trick can also help pull together trays and platters that aren't matchy-matchy to begin with.

3. Integrate some small florals or other table decor. Succulents are seeing a huge revival in parties, and they are an affordable and sustainable choice as well. Create modern terrariums by potting a few grayish-blue succulents low in a glass container, and then covering the top layer of the soil with colored gravel (the kind that goes in a fish tank). White gravel will give the terrarium a very modern vibe that pairs well with bold prints (if used to line the trays).

4. Incorporate the patterned paper into the labels for the cupcakes and the cocktails. Either use the paper to back a flat card with the cupcake or cocktails name and frame it, or mount the flat card directly onto a tented piece of patterned paper.

5. Create custom coasters for the party that will look beautiful as well as prevent water marks on your furniture. Simply purchase very thick cardstock and a 3.5" or 4" hole punch. Cut out the patterned paper and gluestick or double stick tape it onto the thick cardstock, or use a stamp with a quote or image (with archival quality, non-smear, waterproof ink) to turn blah coasters into a conversation piece.

Cups Cakes Ideas:
Celebrate the bride in your life with an elegant wedding shower. Our bridal showers tips include wedding shower theme ideas, cake and food ideas, creative bridal shower gifts, personalized favors, decoration ideas and more

Bridal Shower Cupcakes

Brides are the center of attention at their showers, but cupcakes have been known to steal the show on the dessert table. The versatility of these chic treats seems to fit right in with the motif of most any Bridal Shower celebration. Whether your bride is a romantic, glam-girl, or the Tiffany's diamond type, these cupcake designs are sure to wow her and accentuate her bridal shower with a sweet sense of style

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