Saturday, January 22, 2011

I don't tell stories I take pictures.

Photo taking by T. Singleton  from Shades Within You

Photo T. Singleton

Why is everyone looking at me

Can you guess what I am


Anonymous said...

thanks for following! =)


Leon Smith said...

Nice pictures :)

Duncan D. Horne said...

Interesting pics, I'm now your follower!

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Chunky Knubby Navel said...

Wow, these are great pictures! I love picture blogs =) Keep up the amazing work!


BloggerAccount1 said...

nice photos :)

TheSCIINewb said...

That thing looks like a massive bubble! Hope it doesnt pop!

Shades Within You said...

Thanks everyone for commenting. I will keep blogging and post... Just keep reading and I hope you enjoy

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