Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Going Green - Green Wedding Hiring a Green Team

Choose Vendors That Care
Teamwork is what makes a wedding possible. When hiring your pros, make sure that their personalities are compatible with yours -- and that they are open to creating a socially conscious wedding. Other tips:

Keep It Local

Whenever possible, use local resources for your wedding. Besides saving on transportation (both of goods and people), you'll be supporting small businesses and your local economy. If you are using larger or corporate vendors, do some online research into their practices, and support those that behave responsibly.

Consider Digital Photography
Digital photos are easier to share, and they're much more environmentally friendly --no chemicals, film, or wasted paper, since you only get prints of exactly the photos you want. However, if you're a film photography fan, some shooters are investigating less toxic developing methods. Add this to your list of initial questions.

Book Earth-friendly Lodging
When you're reserving rooms for your guests, look for hotels that promote ecologically friendly practices, such as using energy efficient appliances and conserving water. Check out Kimpton Hotels, a boutique hotel chain that offers earth-friendly luxuries like organic wines and local ingredients in the cuisine at their hotel restaurants.

Get Help
A wedding consultant is a huge asset -- he will save you time, share his vast experience, and hook you up with the right vendors for your style. Even better? One that specializes in (or is at very least familiar with) planning a green wedding. Go to OrganicWeddings.com for info on their planning services.

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