Friday, February 22, 2008


Presidential campaign intends to go after delegates whom have already won in the caucuses and primaries should this be allowed. It's not the "superdelegates" we are talking about pledged delegates.

It is possible for a for pledge delegate to switch. Pledged delegates are not really pledged at all, not even on the first ballot. This has been an open secret in the party for years, but it has never really mattered because there has almost always been a clear victor by the time the convention convened.

But not this time.

This time one candidate may enter the convention leading by just a few pledged delegates, and those delegates may find themselves being promised the sun, moon and stars to switch sides.

The notion that pledged delegates must vote for a certain candidate is, according to the Democratic National Committe, a "myth."

"Delegates are NOT bound to vote for the candidate they are pledged to at the convention or on the first ballot," A delegate goes to the convention with a signed pledge of support for a particular presidential candidate. At the convention, while it is assumed that the delegate will cast their vote for the candidate they are publicly pledged to, it is not required."


Dwayne said...

Seems like the Democratic party has a little communism in them LOL

Shades Within You said...

It sounds like it. It sometimes make you wonder.

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