Thursday, May 17, 2007

13 Kisses ( M. Renee')

The first kiss begins as a test
The second one leads to the rest.
The third is the one that lingers and lasts
The fourth gives off a silent blast.
The fifth gets heavy and quite intense
The sixth makes the seventh make no sense!
The eighth is full of wonders not yet seen
The ninth unveils the mysteries that were in between.
The tenth is the kiss that is a must
The eleventh is the one that unlocks the lust.
The twelfth is the one that pulls them all together
The thirteenth makes the memories which last forever.


adam b said...



Gotta start someplace, I guess.)

~~Very well said.

Hey, I'm back.

xx, adam b. (formerly, NewYorkBoy, Cain, and Res.) ~~whoops, that's 3 kisses!

Suray said...

What about the 14th?

epson ink cartridges said...

nicely written :)

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