Thursday, March 15, 2007

Darkness (Created by Tassajo S)

Darkness has fallen
No turn
No voice
No peace

Life is confussing
Help no voice
no peace
no life
no love

Darkenss has fallen
I want to believe
Not all that I see

Turn run
be free

We are made to believe
all that we see
Darkness has fallen
we lose hope
we lose destiny

Darkenss has fallen
We see black and white
we see clouds
no were to turn
no were to run

No Peace
No hope
No lives
No freedom


Darkness has fallen
I can't see
I can't feel
I cant' believe
All hope is gone

Light Please Light
Give me hope
Give me peace
take aways the darkness

Let me be free


FJ said...

Shades With You

This is a great submission.I really like it.I can relate to what was shared here.Keep it up.Thanks for sharing it.FJ

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I like your blog, but you may want to check the spelling on your poem (unless it was meant to be spelled like that).

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Cain said...

There is hope, at the conclusio of this poem~~that light~~

Well done. And, don't worry 'bout the spelling.

(I could relate to this tonight. I know, there will be sunshine tomorrow. I hope.)

Take care.

(I have a poetry blog, too. Would you want to check it out, if you get the chance. "The Wind Shall Hear My Words..." //check my profile page)


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