Thursday, March 22, 2007

I see (created by Tassajo S.)

I sometime wonder if we see
Do we stop
do we smell

We run
We hear
But we don't see

The world is passing us by
do we stop to see
we run
we hear
but we don't see

Do we stop to say Hello
Do we stop to dream
Do we stop to wonder

I see
to many
no time
no peace
no sleep
no dreams
no hopes

I wonder
do we see
stop to smell
the flower
stop to say hello

Just stop
Just stop
and see
what life have to offer

peace, hope, dreams, love, and family
please "stop to see"


FJ said...

Shades Within You

I really liked this poem that you shared.Thanks.

By the way,I posted some a few new messages if you would like to check them out.Thanks for any advice.FJ

Cain said...

I'm glad I've stopped to see.

Thank you, for your encouragement.

I've been unwell, and your page & poetry, have brightened me tremendously.




phil aka the midnight poet said...

i enjoyed this piece...simple but lets you take a look in the mirror...thank you so much for sharing...

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