Friday, March 2, 2007

Does the Scale ring true...Is Justice Color Blind... or is that a.... dream (Created by Tassajo S.)

As the Lady of Liberty stand on her stone
I wonder is Justice Colr Blind
or is that a .... (Joke)
She carries a scale on each of her sides

Does it go left or right
I wonder is Justice real blind
My head is spinning

Why you may ask
Because Lady Liberty is standing on her head
What is this term "Justice"
She says
Is justice black, white, or red

I laugh out loud
Why you may ask

The wheels are turning in my head
Does the scales ring true?
Can Justice really be Color Blind?

HMMMM I wonder too
We create laws that change justice
to favor the have
but the have not ....
HAVE NO justice

I ask what is justice name
I was told it called

people say great
but I wonder do they really know
justice is not blind, but a JOKE

Please watch Lady Liberty
Balane her scales
For you never know
Which way justice will prevail

For lady liberty
Is blind but
Justice is not ..... for all I've seen
In my life
I would have to say
Dam JUSTICE is "blind"
and a JOKE


Leon said...

Interesting poem. Which way will her scales balance? Who knows.

Deb said...

I don't usually care for poetry as I think over the years I was turned off by the rhyming type. A close friend of mine writes in your style. Your's was excellent. Will link your site, if that's ok.


me said...

great job

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