Friday, February 16, 2007

Created by Shades With You

Shades Within You...
Expressions of Mind, Body, and Soul
What we do... What we do...
We can tell you with one line or a few
Digital Images...
Quite pleasing to the eye, amazing
from any angle they seem to come alive!
Handcrafts done uniquely for you
Flowers, Brooms, Cups, Bears
Even Tiny Trinkets to go with your wears
Then there's "Poetic Justice" Served several different Ways:
On a card, on a poster on funky paper too!
However you want to see it, it's done just for you!
Welcome to the future of one stop shopping for most of your event needs.
Let us plan your event. We bring a breath of fresh air in the event planning market.
By combining old fashioned values,and going the extra mile, Shades Within You will lead the market providing the same quality results every time.
We also feature something unique.....
A collection of natural, pleasantly scented soaps and oils. The usual, the erotic and our "special" blends. Come and get your smell a part of the new trend!
So check us out and see what you find...
we have something for your body, soul and mind!

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Anonymous said...

What topic will be discuss this week... Like the work... When will your store open

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Shades Within You,
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